The project aims to create interior furnishing product concepts which are innovative both in terms of design and also of functionality. One of the basic assumptions of the concept is a creative approach to issues of design and to solving the functionality problems that architects face daily in new ways that have never been tried before. 
We want our designs to meet the needs of users in new ways, allowing the spaces that they are found in to be reinterpreted in new ways. We are open to new materials and technologies. We want our designs to be original and exceptional. Simple, both in form and in function.  
Each of the products of the brand will be signed by the author-designer, who is both an ambassador of the brand and a guarantee of the quality and originality of the product.



Grand opening of our first showroom and premiere of first two product`s collections: 'matchbox' and 'on the edge'. At the same time started our website.Thank You everyone for joining us, warm welcome and great party!

After more than a year of work on the concept of the brand, its visual identity and most importantly: the products we are slowly counting down to the premiere. The atmosphere is tense ... final touch of the prototypes, recent organizational matters ... keep your fingers crossed!