On the edge

Bathtub and washbasin system, 2017

A collection of rectangular bathtubs and washbasins with unusually simple design. The hallmark feature of the series is its characteristic cosmetics shelf. This sophisticated yet highly functional element of the “On the edge” bathroom concept series is one of the things which make it unique. 

design . Mateusz Kuo Stolarski

Simple form

It would be hard to imagine a simpler and more minimalistic form for a bathtub or washbasin than a rectangle. It’s just this form that we’ve chosen for all the products from the “On the edge” collection, which includes three hanging and three standing washbasins in widths of 45, 60 and 90 cm, as well as three different bathtub sizes, including a larger, two-person variant.  

Less gives more

Thanks to the straight and thin walls, it has been possible to considerably shorten the total length of the bathtub. This means it can be installed in places where a bathtub of normal proportions wouldn’t fit.  “On the edge” bathtubs come in 120 and 160 cm long variants, for comfortable use depending on height and preferred bathing position. 

Order on the edge

One of the most important features of all washbasins and bathtubs from the “On the edge” collection is their unusually thin side walls. These walls, measuring a mere 12 mm in case of washbasin and 24 mm in case of bathtub, apart from outstanding appearance, also make it impossible to place anything on top of them. For this reason, you can be sure that day-to-day cosmetics won’t clutter up any bathroom designed with elements of this collection. 


Smart storage

The most characteristic element of the system which simultaneously ensures its high functionality is the double wall of one of its sides. Its upper edge has been designed just slightly lower than the remaining edges, in a way which is not immediately apparent. This edge forms a kind of overflow. Between the double walls, a shelf is formed where all kinds of cosmetics can be stored. Thanks to this, you can be sure that no matter how many different boxes and bottles of cosmetics you have, you’ll always have spotless order.  


Technical informations

All washbasins and bathtubs are available in our special conglomerate material, in white colour (RAL9003). If needed, on a special request, products can be produced in a light shades of the RAL K7 palette. The only possible option for the dark colours is an additional external structural layer which is similar to the microcement structure which is available in a few shades of gray and black. For different sizes please contact us to check possibility.

* All prices below in EURO netto, ex works, for the standard conglomerate version in white (RAL9003) colour. Last prices update 01.2022.

schemat OTE45F2schemat OTE45F2

OTE30F . Freestanding washbasin . 30x50x85cm

2074 euro netto *

schemat OTE60F2schemat OTE60F2

OTE60F . Freestanding washbasin . 60x50x85cm 

2828 euro netto *

schemat OTE90F2schemat OTE90F2

OTE90F . Freestanding washbasin . 90x50x85cm 

3583 euro netto *

schemat OTE45S2schemat OTE45S2

OTE30S . Suspended washbasin . 30x50x45cm 

1728 euro netto *

schemat OTE60S2schemat OTE60S2

OTE60S . Suspended washbasin . 60x50x45cm 

2357 euro netto *

schemat OTE90S2schemat OTE90S2

OTE90S . Suspended washbasin . 90x50x45cm 

2985 euro netto *

schemat OTE80120B2schemat OTE80120B2

OTE12080B . Bathtub . 120x80x58cm 

5107 euro netto *

schemat OTE80160B2schemat OTE80160B2

OTE16080B . Bathtub . 160x80x58cm 

5107 euro netto *

schemat OTE120120B2schemat OTE120120B2

OTE120120B . Bathtub . 120x120x58cm 

5107 euro netto *