kitchen island system, 2017

Simplicity, functionality and elegance. These are the words which best sum up the pluses of the Matchbox kitchen island system. This system stands out among its competitors because of the many innovative elements which make it so exceptional. These include its unusually thin fronts, the absence of base and handles, the atypical module design, and the new and unique width of the furniture. The combination of modern materials in the fronts and natural stone on the countertop give a sophisticated look that will be at home in any interior. 

design . Mateusz Kuo Stolarski

Module 120

The typical standard for kitchen furniture on the market today is 60 cm. The Matchbox kitchen island is exceptional in this regard, designed around a 120 cm module. Five different modules can be joined in any way to achieve maximum functionality. If it becomes necessary to adapt the size of the island to multiples of smaller sizes, an additional module of 60 cm has been designed for the system.

schemat moduły 1schemat moduły 1

Innovative material focuses on the highest quality of materials. In the case of the Matchbox system, the choice was made to use a material which is completely new on the market, a laminate with a same-colour core. This material features an unusually matte, velvety structure which doesn’t show fingerprints. It is highly resistant to scratching and high temperatures. This makes it one of the most practical materials that can be used in kitchen furniture. It is available in ten unique colours. 

Only 10mm

For many years, the standard in the furniture front industry has been 18 mm MDF board. The vast majority of fronts are made from exactly this type of material, and all standard hardware is designed with this thickness in mind.  In the Matchbox system, the thickness of most visible elements, including fronts, is only 10 mm! This has been no small challenge in technological terms, and has required the use of the latest achievements of engineering as supplied by one of the best manufacturers of furniture hardware and fittings.

Different widths, greater possibilities

Three different widths are available as a standard in the system: 90, 60 and 45 cm. The 60 and 90 cm variants are typical sizes available in most systems on the market. This means that practically any type of standard build-in kitchen appliance can be installed. The 45 cm variant is something completely new on the market. Although few standard kitchen appliances can be built into it, it makes it possible to enjoy the functionality of a kitchen island in small spaces, for example in a small apartment, where there is no chance of fitting a standard island. The 45 cm variant also features unique proportions, unavailable in any other system.

Two dividing options for fronts

The Matchbox system offers two types of front. Full-height fronts hide a high drawer with an additional interior drawer, or a standard drawer with a tilting door. The second version of the fronts is divided halfway up the height of the island, with the two parts functioning as typical drawers.  

A taste of luxury

The countertop of the kitchen island system is the only element made of a different material, stone. It is meant to be a kind of crowning jewel for the exceptionally simple form of this furniture. Its texture, colour, veined surface, and temperature are all factors which give it a constantly changing effect. Several types of stone are available, which can be chosen depending on the colour of the fronts. The sink has been integrated into the countertop, and is also made of stone.


Minimalism and perfection in every detail

The simplest forms require exceptional precision, quality in execution, and attention to every detail, starting from the very beginning of the design. It’s only then that we are guaranteed to get an exceptional product. The material used in the Matchbox system makes it possible to execute a kitchen island design that is virtually without handles or bases. The drawers are opened using the fronts themselves, which protrude slightly above the countertop. The drawer systems used are the best available on the market, providing high comfort of use while maintaining a minimalistic design. An interior compartment system has also been designed for the drawers, giving them unusual functionality and keeping things tidy, while an interior cupboard lighting system adds convenience.